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Hello, My name is Vrizka Nuria Arsita. My friends used to call me Emon. I come from Bogor and now I am almost into 20 years old in january. I love teaching since I was in the junior high school like guide my classmate who did'nt understand the materials. It was the reason why I got into English education department. I did many part time independently. It's all started in my second years in my senior high school. I did teaching reading Al-Qur'an because I had some basic knowledge from my boarding schools. Then, when i got Into university level I start teaching English language and Calistung for kids. Here, I want to improve myself as a teacher in a new place and for many new experiences.



Aktifitas Saat Ini

To train my self as a professional teacher, I've been working as a private teacher. I specialize in teaching kids such as Calistung, Reading Iqro and Al-Qur'an and English Language. Besides, I do many volunteering for blind people for some events.

Latar Belakang Pendidikan
Universitas syarif hidayatullah jakarta (uin jakarta)
Pendidikan bahasa inggris
  • performance-1
    hafalan alquran
  • performance-2
    Siswa berprestasi
  • performance-3
    Beasiswa Amanah Takaful
  • performance-4
    peringkat 1 kelas 11
  • performance-5
    Beasiswa spp sekolah kelas 11
  • performance-6
    peringkat 2 kelas 12
  • performance-7
    peringkat 2 kelas 10
  • performance-8
    peringkat 2 kelas 10
Wilayah Mengajar
  • location-1
    Kabupaten bogor
    Tajur halang
  • location-2
    Kota depok
  • location-3
    Kota tangerang selatan
  • location-4
    Kota tangerang selatan
  • location-5
    Kabupaten bogor
  • location-6
    Kabupaten bogor
Metode Mengajar

In teaching English language I use these two methods. The TPR (Total Physical Response) method is the first method I teach language learning, which involves coordinating commands, speech, and actions, and aims to teach language through physical (motor) activities. I use this method so that the kids can enjoy the learning process. More than that, I also use the silent method to teach English, utilizing visual aids and nonverbal communication to help students become comfortable with the language and build a foundation for further study. However, I also incorporate speaking and listening activities as students progress. In teaching Al-Quran, especially in Memorizing Qur'an I use Ummi method. In teaching Reading bahasa for kids, I use syllable method such as ba bi bu, ca ci cu etc.

Pengalaman Mengajar
  • graduation-1
    SD - Nasional - Mata pelajaran Bahasa Inggris
    2021 - 2022
    Siswa Privat Kelas II
  • graduation-2
    SD - Nasional - Mata pelajaran Bahasa Indonesia
    2021 - 2022
    Siswa Privat Kelas I
  • graduation-3
    Mengaji - Nasional - Mata pelajaran
    2018 - 2022
    Siswa Independent teacher
  • graduation-4
    SD - Nasional Plus/Bilingual - Mata pelajaran All Subjects
    2023 - 2023
    Siswa English For Everyone Kelas I
  • graduation-5
    Playgroup - Nasional Plus/Bilingual - Mata pelajaran Pra Calistung dan Mengaji
    2020 - 2023
    Siswa independent teacher
  • graduation-6
    Toddler - Nasional Plus/Bilingual - Mata pelajaran Toddler Subjects dan Mengaji
    2020 - 2023
    Siswa independent teacher
Keahlian Mengajar
  • star-1
    Program Mengaji
    Mata pelajaran
    Kurikulum Nasional
  • star-2
    Program Playgroup
    Mata pelajaran Pra Calistung dan Mengaji
    Kurikulum Nasional Plus/Bilingual
  • star-3
    Program English Skill
    Level Elementary
  • star-4
    Program TK
    Mata pelajaran Math
    Kurikulum Nasional Plus/Bilingual
  • star-5
    Program SD
    Mata pelajaran All Subjects
    Kurikulum Internasional
  • star-6
    Program TK
    Mata pelajaran Calistung
    Kurikulum Nasional Plus/Bilingual
  • star-7
    Program SD
    Mata pelajaran Bahasa Inggris
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